Task: Design a record cover for a self-selected track by Nils Frahm
The whole project was based on the theme „dots“.
The second part of the project was to create an animation, that matches the album cover.
Analysis of the piece
The piece „Wall“ by Nils Frahm, reminds a bit of a ticking clock, or a fast pulse and thus evokes a feeling of pressure. The staccato piano starts from the first second and keeps this fast tempo until the end. This one comes rather abruptly, but unlike the entire piece, it consists of one drawn-out, fading note. In addition to the continuous, loud rhythm, there is a melody consisting of an alternation of lighter and lower chords, with the lower ones clearly dominating, or rather drowning out the lighter ones. Both the alternation between bright and low notes, and the alternation between the loud and soft ones are hardly noticeable.
„Wall“, just like a real wall, is rather something whole or massive and not really divided into different parts, as songs often are.
After I decided on the design, which actually came about by chance, I worked it out further. I specially adapted the font.
For the color selection, I decided on a light background. This reflected the title „Wall“ in my opinion best. It reminds me of a wall that gets dirtier and dirtier over time, until the initially white wall is gray and covered with dots and holes.
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